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Mã sản phẩm HUX50R


The HUX-50 series distribution box is made of metal materials, and the panel is made of flameretardant material ABS. The panel is embedded with a transparent small door. The box is equipped with an insulating base, grounding and neutral terminals and a top hat shaped guide rail. Both the upper and lower bottom are provided with inlet and outlet holes.

Normal working condition and installation condition 


1. Altitude: ≤2,000m for mounting site

2. Ambient temperature:Limited temperature -25℃ - +40℃

3. Installation method: Flush mounted on hollow wall, Surface mounted.

4. on non-combustible wall,should be installed vertically.

5. The highest temperature during the building process:+60℃.

6. Installation method: Open the small door, unscrew the left and right screws on the door frame, remove the panel, and then install the electrical components and complete sets of wiring. After  installing the wiring, cover the panel and tighten the screws on the door frame.

7. Safety protection: When electrical components are installed in the cabinet, it is necessary to ensure that the cabinet is reliably grounded.