MCCB 3P 250A

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Mã sản phẩm EXM3-250S


The EXM3 electronic-type molded case circuit breakers (hereinafter referred to as “circuit breakers”) are developed with global leading technology, featuring advanced design, offering reliable performance, powerful technical features, easy maintenance, sleek design, and small size. 

The circuit breakers are suitable for use in electric systems of AC 50Hz/60Hz, with the rated insulation voltage of up to 1,000V and rated current of up to 630A, to distribute electrical energy, protect circuits and power equipment from hazards due to overload, short-circuit, under-voltage, and other faults, and control infrequent motor operations. 

The circuit breakers offer Type C (basic), Type S (standard), and Type H (high breaking) based on the rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity.  

The circuit breakers are in accordance with GB/T 14048.2 and IEC 60947-2 standards.

Normal working conditions

1. Applicable temperature: Ambient air temperature: -5℃to +40℃, with the average temperature not exceeding +35℃ within 24 hours; Note: The operating ambient temperature can be extended to 35℃ -5℃ or +40℃ +70℃. Please follow the instructions or data specified in the product catalogue and instruction manual, or consult the manufacturer; 

2. Altitude: ≤2,000m for mounting site (please consult with the manufacturer when above 2,000m); 

3. Atmospheric conditions: Air relative humidity: ≤ 50% at the maximum temperature of +40℃, and a higher relative humidity is allowed when at a lower temperature; In the wettest month, the average maximum relative humidity is 90% and the average minimum temperature is +25℃, taking into account the condensation on product surface due to temperature changes; 

4. Pollution level: Level 3; 

5. Mounting type: III for main circuit; 

6. Protection degree: IP30 (wiring terminals excluded) 

7. Mounting conditions: In places with no significant shaking, impulse and vibration; In a medium with no explosive hazards, containing no gas and dust (including conductive dust) sufficient enough to corrode metals and damage insulation; And in places with no rain/snow impact; 

8. Storage and transportation conditions: Temperature: -35℃ to +70℃ for storage and transportation, with the relative humidity not exceeding 90%. During transportation, handle with care, no upside down, and avoid severe collisions.